You know, I may seem like a pro at the helm in my pictures, but the truth is it was a windless (practically) sunny day, and though it was my first time navigating, it was a no brainer once I understood how the helm works and got into the feedback loop of keeping a goal in mind and steering to it. It’s also true that when steering becomes a metaphor for how one lives one’s life, I almost drown sometimes and am incapable of saving myself through my own efforts. Then I cry out, in Saint Namdev’s words:

I am ignorant, and I do not know how to swim. O my Beloved Father, give me Your arm and save me!
It is the same, final image in the movie ALL IS LOST with Robert Redford. A hand reaches down through the murky water and rescues the drowning Redford who has given up all hope. 
And here is another confession: the prayer works. 

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