You know, most of us live our lives in retrospect, in the shadows of irreversible events. When someone we love dies or moves out of our lives, we regret it and feel sad (though in our unawareness we are angry and resentful). If I had come back to the absence of either Foxy or Bhalli (my dogs), as I had done with Tiger, I would have been upset.
Instead, I came back to healthy looking dogs that had been well fed, well looked after and well groomed by Himmat and Meera. 
Yesterday, I took them out for a walk across our stream. On my return they bounded and played, something I love to watch and take sheer delight in. As I stood in front of the house my heart swelled in gratitude that they were still here; that my fear – each time I leave that I won’t see them again – had not actualized. I want to spend my days here giving thanks for their precious presence. 

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