No posts lately, no nothing lately. The last post on this title still had some doing, but for five days nows all I do is breathe! I have been stricken with a sleep akin to death, a coma at night and almost a coma during the day. I can wake up and fall asleep again. I can scare myself with words like ‘narcolepsy’, I could worry about it but I refuse to. I allow myself to be this way because it is so rare a thing and it feels so good that I trust it. If it continues for, say, two weeks, I might worry about it, or rather, not worry about it but goad myself to work in small ways, get back, gradually, into my habitual swing. I have been writing and earning my keep since I was 14 and 21 respectively, and my body and brain deserve this dull and glorious laziness. I am not bored, I am not suffering, I am not sick. I am simply, slothfully, sluggishly lazy, for laziness has a important if not essential function.  

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