Life is speeding up these days. I was about to say, ‘more than I would like,’ but stopped myself. I am learning not to divide and fragment my life into what I like and want and what I don’t like and don’t want. It cuts you up and tears your time. So, life is speeding up and I am letting it for there is much to be done before I leave for India on April 7. I have a reading at the museum of my new book, THE SINGING GURU, which hasn’t even arrived in the US because of the dock workers strike (I don’t care what I just said, I DON’T LIKE THIS!). The release date is tomorrow! Payson wanted to go to Sequoia National Park for his 70th birthday so we are going to be driving up there (7 to 8 hours) after the reading for five days; we return on the 28th, a day before his birthday, when his nephew and his son and our friend Libby are coming to stay with us to celebrate; and so much else I don’t want to bore you with.

This is why I’m trying to get in as many posts as possible because I know I may not be able to post for a long time now. But you never know! Don’t say won’t or never or always. Life isn’t like that!

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