Have you ever felt this way? Do share your experiences here, it will make the rest of us feel better that we have this in common! The brain, or at least my brain, is a very mysterious and unpredictable thing over which I have no control. Sometimes it will spew out ideas fast and furiously and sometimes it is entirely unsparky, like the keys of one of those old electric typewriters without electricity, unable and unwilling to make connections. I’d like to know why this happens, but other than the high possibility that it is resting, there are no explanations. I am at its mercy and cannot rely on it. I can only surrender to it when it is behaving this way, let it be, and go do something else that doesn’t require it, mainly clean and organize, physical things like walking and exercise, cooking and eating. Perhaps this is a good thing now, since I am leaving for a three week vacation to Baja, Mexico, a kayaking trip with friends, and then to meet the whales at San Ignatio. I don’t even know the spelling, since Payson takes care of all our traveling details. I can only hope my brain comes along with me.  

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