2:30 a.m. : have just had a wonderful breakfast of one egg cooked in coconut oil, a slice of gluten free rice bread with butter, a cup of chai with an indulgent spoon of sugar with an oat cookie — don’t feel like doing anything at all, but sitting here to babble seemed like an option — first, because the idea of just sitting is attractive, and second because I am trying to see what I can say at those moments when there is nothing to say. It is an exercise, if you will. Like I said before, focus and attention help you to scratch the surface of a silent bla-ness and allow you to see how much there is to say or write about,  or something, at least, to say. One lives. There is infinite matter in minutiae — eggs and toast and tea, the ingredients of a good life, indications of a healthy digestion, much appreciated by someone with chronic indigestion, like me. A word, a thought, begetting others. And infinite cause for gratitude.

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