Okay, it’s time to move on. You have stayed in this space too long already and if you stay any longer, you will damage and/or destroy yourself. So what if your only dream has failed? So what if all the connections you make fall apart before your eyes? So what? Don’t look at the knot. Look at the whole yarn of which knots are a part. Cut it if you can’t untie it, splice it and move on. So what if you find yourself in an inextricable maze? Fly above it, see how you keep going over and over the same small territory like a fool. Time to break out! Fling it all away, scatter it, let the festering dream flow away in the wind. Know, there is nothing to hold up, no one to full down. Be like a house whose windows and doors are always flung wide open so the breeze and the wind comes and goes without hurting anything. No, be like the breeze and the wind, dying down sometimes, but indestructible.

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