When your body is weak, all your sorrows come home to roost. I can see why mom only dwells on the painful memories now. I had already said goodnight to her when she called me again to say ‘ik gul sun jaa, jo main kadee bhee naheen dusee,’ (Come and listen to this one which I have never told you before), and I went, knowing full well I knew all her stories, but still hoping it would be something new, but she starts on a story (a sad, sad one) I have heard a million times before.  I was tired and I said, mom, I’ve already heard this story, kissed her again and began to leave. Really, I don’t think I’ve told you this one before. But here’s another . . . ‘

I think her need to tell and retell her stories also has something to do with just having my presence. If she has my attention, I’ll sit with her.  

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