I have left all oughts and shoulds outside my front door, like worn out old shoes that no longer serve: I ought to be more social, I should go out more, I ought not to be such a recluse, I should mingle more. I have lived by a whole horde of oughts and shoulds my whole life — all together too long. Since my return from India, I have done exactly what I have felt like doing. My need for fresh air and the outdoors is taken care of by some gardening and short walks on the beach. Lately, Payson and I have just sat on the deck, watching the many colors of the setting sun. It is all hugely satisfying and there are no regrets. I love burrowing and there is nothing sweeter than a cozy cuddling up with hubby. This is a preference, not a must.

Yet . . . I am reaching out to my readers here. Being social is important. Fortunately one can be virtually social these days.

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