The Privilege of Aging: Savoring the Fullness of Life

Park Street Press, 2024

by Kamla K. Kapur (Author)

Presenting “A Clarion Call To The Aging To Awaken Before They Die”, Kamla K. Kapur explores how we can become warriors on the spiritual path in order to embrace and prepare for the truth of our mortality and the ultimate triumph of conscious living and dying.

About Book

  • Shares the author’s inner adventure to face aging, illness, and death, along with hard-won wisdom on the art of resting, happiness, and letting go
  • Draws on stories from different spiritual traditions and offers strategies, tools, and ways of thinking to navigate the challenges of aging
  • Reveals how to examine your fears and regrets, declutter the mind of negative thoughts, and reframe reality with the powerful tool of unconditional self-love

Set in both California and India, Kapur shares her inner adventure to navigate the hazardous battlefield of aging with the aid of spiritual guides that pilot her to safety and offer hard-won wisdom on the art of resting, happiness, and letting go.

Revealing the arc of her own self-discovery, she examines her own shadows, fears, anxieties, and regrets, decluttering her mind of disempowering thoughts and reframing and co-creating her reality with the powerful tool of unconditional self-love.

Drawing on stories from all traditions, Kapur demonstrates the power of self-examination, vigilance, and intentionality to have a successful old age and offers strategies, tools, and ways of thinking to ensure mental, physical, and spiritual strength to meet aging’s challenges and transform from the people we once were to the ones we are becoming on the penultimate stage of earthly life.

Encouraging readers to proceed on their own journeys of awakening, Kapur describes how to confront, express, and embrace your darkness, consciously and honestly, to move forward into the ever greater wholeness of being that incorporates our animal, human, and divine nature.

She shows how to make the final course of an ardent, empowered, and courageous journey into god’s heart, revealing how the privilege of aging is to fully experience this precious, painful life and to achieve vitality, satisfaction, and joy in the life we are fortunate to still have.

More Information

  • Pages: 256
  • Book Size: 6 X 9
  • ISBN-13: 9798888500521
  • Imprint: Park Street Press
  • On Sale Date: July 9, 2024
  • Format: Paperback Book
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