I post these pictures because I found them while looking for photos to share with my high school friends when I meet them at the 50th reunion in October. And because for some blessed reason the internet is working! Wow! They belong to a different period, of course, but I am always surprised if not […]
The phrase ‘this is not the way to think’ when I get frustrated, especially with my mother, is guiding me now. Realized yesterday after getting very frustrated and angry about mom kicking out a fine young man who came to work for her yesterday that all frustration and anger is attachment. That all the vices—kaam, […]
While looking for old photographs I found the photographs from the early 1990’s in which I am handling Jeannie’s boa constrictor, and put them out to show the staff. (Wish I could post it but it is an impossibility!) Had an epiphany when Raju, the cook, said, “what a change from then to now!” Whenever […]


August 4, 2015
These posts are erratic — either too many, or not at all — depending mainly on connectivity and level of energy. After a whirlwind stay in the city – book release, birthday, press, interviews, I have been very strung out, unable to sleep, still going with the old momentum, finishing two chapters, and pushing, pushing […]

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