The insights that produced my last post is another example of a co-incidence that opens my eyes to the wonder that is existence. I have been in the process of completing (after 40 years) the first part of my fantasy trilogy, MALINI IN WHIRLWOOD, and my experiences with the issue of self-reflection and mirrors are […]
Strange, intense period. First, a hunger for more recognition (on my last post I said my ego was obese. I like this as a title, too: THE OBESE EGO); or perhaps, first, an acute sense of failure, all this in the midst of working on Malini, not knowing if it is brilliant, as I hope, […]
You cannot go hungry when you are on this diet. You cannot get rid of something without replacing it with something else. In my case, it is generally an insight that comes to the rescue by feeding me manna. I must not only withdraw from this desire (a choice) but know that whatever is, is […]
It is ironic that I should be feeling it now. I am in the process of completing not one, but two books. I have noticed another pattern: that the sense of failure often comes a visiting when I am tired, and it’s more than possible that I am tired — understandably so. But this was […]
One can be attached to more than just people, places, and things. Our most dire attachments are to desires and my greatest desire is to succeed as a writer, which our media has made into an international standard. No, I am not going to bash the desire or rationalize it, just admit it. Though my […]

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