You simply have to grasp it strongly and steer yourself in the direction you want to go. But first, you have to determine that direction. The only way you can do that is by taking stock of your life at the moment. Where are you? What’s working, what isn’t? Lists help. Making a list of the things that are working is just as important as making a list of things that aren’t. Believe you me, when you have developed an eye for things that are working (and you have to learn to do that) your list of things will be long, long, long. Let me give you an example: I have bursitis in my left hip that is restricting my movements. I am pretty chair bound, though I must make trips for this and that. Well, if I had made a list a week ago of things that were working, I would not have included my hip. I would not have written, hey, I can walk where I like, I don’t have pain in my hip! But these are the sorts of things we have to develop an eye for, and give thanks for. So today I say, hey, my fingers, my mind, the rest of my body (and try and count the things there!) are working, are working!

so, when you get down to writing about things that aren’t you’ll see the list is small. But, whatever it is, you have to take charge and do something about it. For example, somedays I want to be more social than at others and these days I want to have more company. So, I send out emails to my friends, invite some over, and feel connected. There is an inner switch somewhere in us, which, if we turn on, gives us strength, endurance, the power to take charge, to mold circumstances to our own benefit.

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