Dropped off P at the airport — he was going for the family get together for his sister’s memorial. I didn’t go — it would have been more energy than I have right now. When you are used to being with someone it takes some getting used to to be alone. I am at a loss the entire morning, wondering if I should go to the Cathedral (The Mall) and buy things I don’t need, till the words surface: DO THE NECESSARY. Marvelous words, really. It got me out of the house for a walk, into the kitchen to make myself some healthy food, rice and steamed vegetables, and into the study and the piles of work that need to be done. Organizing, mainly. This morning, my music, which is piles of my Sikh music, Kirtan, which I adore, listen to all the time, and cannot live without. Not organizing it means not having a direction to the listening, or listening to the same things over and over (most of the time, when the music is good, and it is, terribly good, especially Bhai Balbir Singh’s series, Dhan So Raag Sorangrhe, I can). I didn’t know till I started organizing that I have many more of his CD’s that I haven’t listened to, so I am quite stoked with the pile of music to look forward to. This was a serious thing not to have organized.

Organizing opens doors!

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