Sounds yukky? I loved the smell of my father’s armpits when I was a child. My cats would sniff my armpits, too. Parsnips smell and taste like armpits, and I love them. So, if you like parsnips, here’s a recipe. If you don’t, then you can still make a delicious soup with the rest of the ingredients.

I take that back: I don’t have a recipe, recipe per se but a general formula for soups in general (I feel like repeating myself this morning), a sort of basic formula for all my soups and stews, which I am told, turn out rather delicious. I’m not big on measurements and work with an inner sense, which is this: cut up parsnips, yams, zucchinis, carrots (equals amounts, if you prefer. I work with what I have). You can add an apple to it, too, and certainly the other three basics — onion or leeks, ginger (as much or as little as your like), and garlic (I skip this because I can’t digest it, but Payson loves it). Dump into a pot full of water, just enough to cover the veges, or more, if you like more broth, which I do. I’m a big fan of BETTER THAN BOUILLON (chicken or vegetable), and add a heaping table spoon of it to the mixture. When the veges are cooked, I blend it all together. If you’re not counting calories, you can add cream to it, and yum, pumpkin seeds.  

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