A dark strand is woven in together with light in the fabric of our lives. I think it is the very warp. Good days alternate with rough, stormy ones and as much as we struggle to feel good all the time, it won’t happen. We know this, and yet we struggle and sweat and worry and wonder why we don’t sleep well, or wake up with no energy or desire to do anything, and doing nothing is not very helpful either. I have tried again and again to dig out the causes of these dark periods and though I come up with lists, none of these amount to the whole picture. The only solution it seems is unconditional acceptance of what is. This is what religions mean by ‘the will of God.’ Often, of course, acceptance doesn’t work either. And then a wonderful word comes to the rescue: endurance: to carry through, to tolerate, to undergo, survive, to hold out, suffer patiently. Much to be said for that. The word ENDURANCE is related to the word ‘durable,’ that which lasts. The root of the word, deru is my all time favorite root: the word deodar, tree of the gods, celestial cedar which abounds in the jungles of our Indian home, comes from it. It is also the place where one waits, trustingly.

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