Success and failure are very relative terms, and the person who determines what they mean is YOU. Let me give you an example. I have come to the realization that success in my writing means writing — not how many publishers want me, not what awards I get, not how many people read me, but, WRITING. The act itself. And when writing is not happening, then success for me means sitting at my desk and editing, researching, cleaning up my study, preparing for the muse. As one of the Buddha’s quotes says: The greatest prayer is patience. Yes, cleaning and organizing my study and preparing for the muse is success. Giving my heart to Word, is success. Shopping for groceries for my diet is success; sitting, cup of tea in hand, when no nothing wants to happen, and watching the clouds move, is the greatest success of all, for my purpose, I have determined, is to move consciously, with appreciation of the beauty of this planet. If I can do this, I am successful at every moment of my life!

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