We are also reminded that though we think we need to own many, many things to give meaning to our lives, we actually need very little. We could only carry the basics in our kayaks, and most of us wore the same clothes for an entire week, with frequent change of underwear. Now, I know that most of us, especially women, own closets full of clothes, accessories, shoes, but making do with very little simplifies life enormously. Though i have been wearing the same clothes over and over in the house for a while now as i age, I had wondered whether this wasn’t being lazy, but now I am perfectly okay with it. I even wear the same shlumpy clothes when i step out to do errands. None of us (there were six in all) carried any mirrors with us so we didn’t care how we looked. The value of this is worth bringing back. Though i didn’t buy a thing in Mexico, I brought back so many jewels of practical knowledge from our trip. and of course, many shells.

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