Standing in the kitchen this morning I felt excitement was missing from my life, and instantly a voice said, there is only one reason for happiness – being alive. When you are alive, everything is possible. I am doing something entirely new from the last several months – sitting in bed with a hot water bottle, my laptop, and looking at the brightening day outside, sunshine on the bark of the canary pine tree, on the pine needles, the broad green leaf with a brown underside of the Magnolia with its spiky seed pods with bright red seeds that the mocking bird loves. Over on the ocean the flitter of white wings, not constant, but teasing in its beauty. What a window we have been given into the world. No, windows. A plethora of them. How little one needs of nature (compared with its vastness), just a picture frame worth of images moving, sometimes like clouds on a windless day, but moving, nevertheless, and never the same, to be in touch with it! To admire and adore.

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