here is a poem I wrote thirty years ago on the same topic

If there isn’t any,
let’s make it!

Sexual connotations notwithstanding, it is still true today. First, that we make (create) love, by loving; and secondly, we are creators, reflections of the Arch Creator, Creatrix, and have it in our power to create that which we most need. I think we would be going astray if we thought we could do it entirely on our own, with the muscles of our will power, without divine help, and as with all major endeavors (isn’t love the greatest of them all?) we have to begin with a prayer to the Arch Lover of them all. Seek divine aid honestly, sincerely, and you cannot fail.

FOOTNOTE: I do not only mean to include sexual, erotic love with the Other, though that is primary in our consciousness, but all sorts of love, including love for strangers. Just try it: sitting in an airport, in a mall, just send out love vibes as an experiment. Do it for your own sake. People may or may not benefit by our love (though they cannot fail to do so), but it is we who benefit most of all. I think love and loving can cure illnesses and can certainly makes the juices of our clogged hearts flow. Nothing can infect us more seriously than love ungiven. Human relationships can be hugely complex (I am not denying it in the least), but if we begin our journey towards love with loving the matrix of our being, the Universe, God, Goddess, plasma of this mystery in which we live so very unconsciously, we would have taken a giant step towards easing this brief journey we call life.

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