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Embark on a literary voyage with Kamla K. Kapur, a masterful storyteller who seamlessly blends her Indian roots with her American adventures to craft mesmerizing works that transcend borders. From enchanting plays, novels, short stories, essays, soul-stirring poetry, Kamla’s pen dances across genres breathing fresh life into mythology and ancient stories while exploring the depths of human experience.


Raised in vibrant India, Kamla’s path led her to the shores of the United States, where she soaked in new perspectives and spun them into literary gold. Her journey is a testament to the power of cultural exchange and the boundless creativity it inspires. Kamla K. Kapur’s life and work exemplify a harmonious fusion of cultures, bridging continents through the universal language of literature.

With an illustrious career marked by numerous accolades, Kamla’s literary contributions have left an indelible mark on both American and Indian literary landscapes. Her profound insights and interpretations have graced esteemed publications such as Parabola and The Sun, solidifying her reputation as an influential voice in contemporary literature.

Kamla’s literary repertoire includes acclaimed works like Rumi: Tales of the Spirit, where she breathes new life into the timeless wisdom of Rumi, The Singing Guru, and Into the Great Heart, poignant exploration of Guru Nanak’s teachings. Her poetry collections, including Gift of Grief and Radha Sings: Erotic Love Poems, showcase her lyrical prowess and emotional depth, captivating readers across generations.

Kamla K kapur
Kamla K kapur

Kamla’s plays have garnered prestigious awards such as the Indian Sultan Padamsee Award. From Kaamiya, Kepler Dreams, Hamlet’s Father, her plays resonate with audiences worldwide.  

As a dedicated educator, Kamla’s tenure at Grossmont College spanned 15 years, where she imparted her passion for literature, mythology, and creative writing to countless students. A captivating public speaker, she continues to inspire audiences in both the United States and India with her profound insights and engaging storytelling.

Kamla K. Kapur is more than a writer; she’s a bridge between worlds, a beacon of light guiding readers on a journey to the depths of the human spirit. With each stroke of her pen, she invites readers on a transformative journey, leaving an enduring legacy in the literary world.

Between the tranquil embrace of the Indian Himalayas and the lively bustle of San Diego, California, Kamla and her husband find inspiration in the contrasts of their dual worlds. It’s from these diverse landscapes that Kamla draws the rich tapestry of her narratives, infusing each tale with a unique blend of wisdom and wonder.

July 9, 2024

Explore My Literary Odyssey

(A Journey Through My Literary Work)

Explore practical strategies and spiritual guidance to navigate aging, find happiness, and cultivate self-love. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through this enlightening book.
Her intimate story of aging with passionate honesty. Words of the wise, stories, practical and spiritual tools and techniques to navigate aging’s challenges with spirituality, engagement, passion and purpose.

Life is infinitely more marvelous than our business and work, money and illness, family and bosses would make it seem. It is precisely the function of myth to thrust us out of the quotidian into the miraculous. One lives life more deeply, with greater peace and joy, when one lives with the enigmas that permeate it ….

… myths are reminders from spaceless eternity of the stuff of which our bodies, minds, souls, spirits are made. They wake us up, and help us live with, and within, the mystery that is the matrix of our being.

Kamla K Kapur

Praise for Kamla K Kapur

“What do you get when you cross an old soul with a life review? Pure alchemy. Kamla Kapur’s brave memoir about aging immerses us in the land of old souls—a generation of seekers living beyond aging as denigration, denial, or romanticization but rather as a privilege to be embraced. A great addition to the growing conscious aging library.”

Carol Orsborn Author of Older, Wiser, Fiercer, and The Spirituality of Age

"The aging of Baby Boomers worldwide is a Hard Trend future fact, they will not get chronologically younger! Kamla Kapur’s new book The Privilege of Aging: Savoring The Fullness of Life provides a powerful guide for embracing our mortality and living a happier and fulfilling life as we age."

Daniel Burrus New York Times best-selling author of Flash Foresight and The Anticipatory Organization

"A wise and wonderful roadmap for awakening to and harvesting the divine gifts of this life as we ripen."

Ken Druck Ph.D., best-selling author, How We Go On: Self-Compassion, Courage and Gratitude on the Path Forward" and "Courageous Aging: Your Best Years Ever Reimagined"

"Kamla Kapur reaches out to us as an elder and shares her wisdom on how to deal with the effects of aging on minds, bodies, souls – and how to turn the tribulations of aging into triumphs. Her memoir is transparent, honest, vulnerable, and filled with gratitude and acceptance for life’s journey."

Stephanie Covington Co-director, Center for Gender & Justice, Author of A Woman’s Way through the Twelve Steps and Hidden Healers: The Unexpected Ways Women in Prison Help Each Other Survive

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