Where East Meets West:

Stories, Poems, and Wisdom from Kamla K. Kapur

Stories, Poems, and Wisdom from Kamla K. Kapur

From Rumi’s tales to reimagined myths, Kamla K. Kapur’s writing bridges cultures and sparks imagination. Explore her acclaimed books, award-winning plays, and insightful poetry.

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JULY 2024

Explore My Literary Odyssey

(A Journey Through My Literary Work)

Explore practical strategies and spiritual guidance to navigate aging, find happiness, and cultivate self-love. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through this enlightening book.

Her intimate story of aging with passionate honesty. Words of the wise, stories, practical and spiritual tools and techniques to navigate aging’s challenges with spirituality, engagement, passion and purpose.


Explore Kapur's Literary Odyssey

Jaico Publishing House, 2018
Mandala Publishing, 2007

Jaico Publishing House, 2013

Jaico Publishing House, 2015


Historical Fiction, Imagined Myths, Poetry, Plays and Essays…

Life is infinitely more marvelous than our business and work, money and illness, family and bosses would make it seem. It is precisely the function of myth to thrust us out of the quotidian into the miraculous. One lives life more deeply, with greater peace and joy, when one lives with the enigmas that permeate it ….

… myths are reminders from spaceless eternity of the stuff of which our bodies, minds, souls, spirits are made. They wake us up, and help us live with, and within, the mystery that is the matrix of our being.

– Kamla K Kapur


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