The insights that produced my last post is another example of a co-incidence that opens my eyes to the wonder that is existence. I have been in the process of completing (after 40 years) the first part of my fantasy trilogy, MALINI IN WHIRLWOOD, and my experiences with the issue of self-reflection and mirrors are just what I need to complete it.

It is this wonder that keeps me going as a writer and feeds my passion for my vocation. I really had no idea, consciously, all those forty years, where the book was going. But my faith in it and my compulsion to proceed with and finish it never wavered. Now, in retrospect, in looking at the beginning of the book from the point of view of its ending, I see how it had a life, a direction, a thrust of its own that was strong and certain. Despite me! Despite what I think of as ‘me.’ Writing, when I surrender to the process, is nothing short of miracle making.